Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Update

She puts on her own shoes now...only about 10% of the time does she get them on the right feet :)

Natalie spent the night Friday at her Nana's house. This was the third time she had done it, the first time it just had to be done, there was too much going on with funeral type stuff. Now she goes just to go. She has a little white cottage style toddler bed in one of the bedrooms and a nice selection of her toys there. She bangs on the piano and throws food...she has a grand old time!

So on Saturday we went to look at a house. I liked the house a lot, my Dad hated it. It was 2150SF with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. It has a small kitchen and a nook (which I would make into a big kitchen) and the 4th bedroom would be better as a den (because then you could use the den next to the kitchen as a dining room). It had hardwood in the living room, all 4 bedrooms and the hall. There was tile in the bathrooms and the master bath was totally redone in a spa style that I like. BUT the rest of the house needed work. In my book, it was a fixer. BUT it was 30K less than all the other listings and all the SF was on one level (I hate it when people half a$$ finish a basement and count that as a real part of a house). They were really bad painters, every surface needed paint. The half bath needed a new sink. The windows were not old at all but were badly painted and needed to be striped. So ya, it was a fixer upper sort of, I mean there would be a lot of people who would just move in as it. BUT for 15K the den/dining/kitchen/nook corridor would have new hardwood (instead of carpet and tile) and there would be new kitchen cabinets. Every baseboard would be replaced with tall ones, and quarter round would be added. I'd put in crown in most of the rooms. I'd paint every surface. Then it would be a great house. But my Dad can't get past a green roof. :sigh:
That afternoon I went to my little house. It is crazy the things you notice after being away for so long. I do not miss the messy trees that shower my house with the fuzzy stick things. I do not miss the neighbors. I do miss my outdoor cats (one lives with the neighbor now :( ). I played with Wookie (who will get to come to the condo in about a week, we have a flea issue from that last batch of kittens I gave away) and I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I went through lots of stuff, tossed some, organized more and was just really surprised how little I planned to keep!

Sunday morning we went to a troop rally meeting at our local grocer. There is a group of people running one mile for each fallen soldier and they were running in our part of TN heading into Abington. They had a support van and uhaul that would follow the runners and the runner switch out every so often (I hope, Abington is like 40-50 miles away). They were a really nice group of people.

The a teenage kid plowed into a woman right in front of us. They weren't hurt but she was upset. I would be too.

We also went to the grocer and I had a grand old time. They marked down a lot of produce (cherries, tomatoes, pears and granny smith apples) that were not in yucky mark down condition. I also got 4 pounds (21!) amish chicken legs at 79 cents a pound. I cooked all of them at lunch, we had them today, tonight, tomorrow..well you get the idea.

Her shirt is a good summary of our day...we had sundeas at McDonalds, she stole cherries from me while I pitted them for cobbler and managed to find every speck of dirt from the playground (she didn't want to leave!). Oh ya, there is coke coke on there too or COOOOKE COOOOOKE! (add a nice high pitched whine there) where so stole my can and dumped it on herself. Oh ya, she ate spagetti for dinner too, forgot the bib. So do you think it will come clean? lol


Eliza2006 said...

You'd be surprise at what you can bleach without ruining it. I'd throw that in the washer by itself with bleach and detergent and see what happens. I've ruined a few things, but I figure they would have been ruined anyway.
Cute pics! I like the house with the green roof! I'm hoping to find a house similar to the one I have, but on the other side of town. We'll see. I won't do anything if I don't sell my house!


Chani's Mama said...

Sounds like you had quite a full weekend. I'd say keep looking for a house. The right one will come along.

~ Alison n' Mali~ said...

Cute pics!!

OxyClean laundry SPRAY will have that shirt looking like brand new. Spray it & let it sit for a while before u toss it into the laundry. I *love* that stuff, saved many of Mali's clothes!