Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What a crazy day!

And a stressful day. The most stressful of all concerning this adoption!

Last night we found out the flight option from our agency. It had us going out of the wrong airport and we had an extra in country flight. So that didn't work.

So I head to the Northwest site because I know they fly from our small airport. I check, tickets are about $1100 including tax. I can handle that.

This morning those tickets shot to $1800 for the 6 of us. The rep said that three were still available at $1400 tho. Then we found out only three of us needed to leave on a NWA ticket so that sort of worked. We thought about it, decided to do it then when I called back, there was one seat for $2800. HOLY COW!

The girl on the phone asked me if I could go a day later. I said no, we were meeting up with people. Then *DING* I asked about the 11th. Lots of seats left. And get this - $968. That's it. Tip and tax included WOOOHHOO

So we call our agency to double check this was doable. They said yes, they would see if the facilitator could pick us up. If not, no biggie, we'll just take a cab. We also have to book our own room for that night. Once again, not a big deal.

So we start thinking that if we ask our agency's travel guy if he could get those tickets we'd still be in the agency ticket system. So he says yes, he'll book them ($30 more but who cares) and we are good. Two hours later he calls and says the tickets are $1400 something or other and we needed to book them.

So here we are at work. Earlier when I spoke to the $968 rep, she had courtesy held the tickets for us. So I head to my travel mates office at work and we call. I get my $968 tickets for three plus two lap tickets for $310. Luckily (well, this is really me being disorganized again) I had left my high limit credit card in my purse from Black Friday and I was able to buy all 5 because they were all on one ressie.

So, in the span of 8 hours, we had tickets several times and they were either not good or we lost them because we were slow. STRESS!

But the cool news is, we leave on the 11th :) We have nothing planned for that day (yet haha) and depending on how the weekend goes, we might just hang at the hotel for a day. We might need the sleep! LOL


Michelle & John said...

WE are so excited for you! We live in northern Illinois and look forward to relocating to TN by the end of March! Thanks for sharing your jouney with us! I'll be praying for you during your journey! We are LID 3/8/07...long way to go!

OziMum said...

I'm not looking forward to that part of the organising!!! I'm a BIG forward-planner... like 6 months in advance, forward-planner!

Fantastic that you got cheap tix though! Woo Hoo! Holy crap! The 11th? That's only 4 days away!!! Geez... I don't know that I'm going to cope with that when its our turn!!!

Carol said...

Good work!!! We were dumb and got stuck with the $1400 tickets because we didn't want to wait 2weeks to leave!!!!....very interesting..........

I believe we have the same agency..........