Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Update


I think if I wasn't sick, I wouldn't be so worn out right now. Cutie pie likes to bounce and jump and flip upside down. She likes to scream mooma and whip that little head around to see if I come running. Of course I do!

We ran errands today in an attempt to keep her awake and for her to have a complete sleep cycle. It sort of worked. She missed her morning nap and her afternoon nap wasn't a good one. She went down for the night at 5pm, I was pretty excited. Until she woke up at 2. Sigh. Now at 4:42 she is down for her morning nap. I guess I'm 4-5 hours off schedule but at least I got a full "night" sleep out of her.

She surprised me today when she waved bye bye to a store clerk. That is the first time she's waved in response to a bye bye. She also said "iddy" many times which translates to kitty (since she is grabbing for their tails when she says it).

My baby is growing like a weed. Her little sleepers that fit in China are now too short. Her belly almost has a crease on it. She's working on baby thunder thighs. Her hair is growing a lot too, I can see the difference in it. She has these crazy hairs that grow a lot faster, mostly around her ears. Mooma tried to buy new sleepers today but Ross was sold out! I mean 75% of their baby department was gone. So Mooma went to Ebay and got these:

"Iddy" PJS in a larger size. I paid a little less than what Ross had them for. The seller must of hit a great clearance sale.

The baby looks so cute in green!

How can you not love this?
She'll wear this outside the house too. Her 9 month versions of these are like 1 inch too short in the legs and 5 inches too wide. I am really tempted to figure out how to add on to the legs!

All 4 of these were just $25.95 shipped, 28 cents less than what I would of paid if I had caught them at Ross. Score!

Pictures for today....

I love hats altho this one is too long!

She has this shopping thing figured out. CC and license means shopping!

At the doctor's office with my lovey. I pet it and hum :)

Pretty baby today!

Everything is better upside down! Look at my two top teeth!

That's it for now - bye!


OziMum said...

Great bargains! I love e bay!

Your little cherub is growing like a weed!

Shannon said...

Isn't she darling! Love the pj's but then N. would look good in a sack she's so cute!

Beverly said...

Awww she is so cute. Hope she is feeling better soon.