Friday, December 28, 2007

Huggies Deal

This is all over the internet right now. Target is offering $3 off of two Huggies products with this coupon:

You can combine this coupon with a manufacturer coupon. If you are needing to stock up on diapers, you can print $1.25 off coupons online, I think at cool savings. I have to admit, I am a wipe junkie, I use them for everything.

I hope to transition to cloth diapers on Saturday. That will give me time to wash everything and get it ready. Natalie has awful diaper rash, she had blisters when I got her. Now it's more like a regular rash but still. She goes through 10 diapers a day and the cost of about $2 a day. I was given diapers at my shower that she'll use at daycare later on but even then I'll try to do cloth in the evenings and weekends. With my front load machine and air drying (the air in my house is so dry right now, it's awful) I think this will be an economical and environmentally wise choice.

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OziMum said...

Good luck with the cloth nappies! I thought I'd use them, when I had my daughter (10 years ago!) I got the hospital staff to show me how to put one on... 10 mins later everything was soaked, inc. bedding... that was the last time I used a cloth nappy!!! I take my hat off to you, for having the patience!!!