Saturday, December 08, 2007

Playpen and Exersaucer

Mom bought both for me today from a woman that goes to her church. I think it was a good deal for $55 for the both (plus a cute mobile that isn't shown). At Baby Depot it was $120-130 for the two.

(it is sort of boyish but that is ok - there are very few "pretty" pack and plays out there)

The top comes off and hooks into the bottom to create a race track. You can take off the cars and roll them around on it.

Carla's shower today was great! All kinds of people showed up. The decorations were really cute and they fed us a full breakfast buffet sort of thing. She also had a super cute super fancy multi level cake (think wedding put baby themed). Carla is in my travel group, we both leave on Tuesday :)

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