Sunday, December 23, 2007

We are home!

I had problems uploading pictures from my camera on the trip. Then yahoo ate several of my emails (who knew they had a whine blocker?).

We made it back at 6pm my time after leaving at 8am China time. Somehow we did Saturday twice!

Natalie is an energetic baby who loves to make noise and move a LOT! She is a wiggler that is for sure. We had 3 bad days at the beginning where she was in full sensory overload (sweet and charming to everyone in public then total meltdown in the room) but it is getting better. Nana is currently enthralled and feeding her mandarin oranges and baby food. My luggage didn't make it on our flight so I don't have formula or rice cereal for her. We are sort of winging it.

We are handling jet lag well. She has a cold and her medicine makes her sleepy. She slept from 9pm to 3:45 am this morning. Her normal wake up time is 6am so we aren't that far off from her normal time.

I have TONS of pictures to share but my camera cords are also in my check in luggage.

I lost 10 pounds on the trip - score! Just kidding, I was sick a lot on the trip, the food was really bad (except for Beijing Chinese, I thought it was all really good!).

She calls me mama already :)

Ok, since I don't have my camera, let me share some trip tips that would of made my trip easier.

Laundry - keep up with it in the room if you don't want to send it out. Good chance your hotel room will be 80, your laundry will dry in 4-6 hours if you roll it up in a towel and step on it to squish out the water. After you wear something go ahead and wash it. When I washed my jeans from Beijing, the water was brown. I wore them for one day. The air is that bad. Take a couple of trash bags with you if it is still damp, it won't . I didn't wash anything where I didn't have at least 1.5 days in that location for it to dry. My laundry did not dry at all in Guangzhou. I did not like my tide soap packets for the sink. I used boiled water for all my laundry (I am sure hundreds of pots) and the tide just wasn't getting stuff clean. I wish I had brought a bar of colgate laundry soap. I used the hotel soap and it worked well too.

Opps I have to go, all the oranges are gone. We are going to try to bathe her. Nana is in there goosing her now, I can hear her laughing. She's never had a bath and she about killed me in China when I tried. I picked my battles and wiped her off with a warm wash cloth which was what she was used to. She would lean her head back and lift her arms for me, she knew exactly what to do. Bye!


Special K said...

Welcome home!

Can't wait for the pics.

OziMum said...

Glad you are home safe and sound, even if your luggage isn't! Bummer.

Natalie sounds like a real live wire! Hope the bath went well! Even kids that hate it the first few times, end up loving it! You were very wise to pick your battles while in China! It sounds like you had a great time, other than being sick :( Bet it's nice to be home with clean water and air!

Beverly said...

One thing you learn quickly as a new mom, you do what you gotta do. She is adorable and I know you are thrilled and happy and all the emotions all at once.