Sunday, December 23, 2007

Red Couch Photo :)

The first morning :)


Angie said...

I thought of you this morning, Kim! Wondered how it felt to wake up in your your bed...with your baby with you! Praying the transition continues to go well. Know that the fusses are her way of letting you know that she trusts you and knows you love her so she knows she can let out the frustration and confusion she feels. At least that's my way of looking at it!
Have a great day together...get some rest...enjoy a shower that doesn't smell like eggs. I can't believe your jeans were that dirty after one day! YUCK!
Talk to you soon! By the way - she's beautiful!

OziMum said...

Love those rasberries! Tooo cute!

Gosh, she's such a beautiful baby!

Shannon said...

I can't believe I didn't know it was you either!! HA HA HA...We are all so tired and crazy by that point! I'm glad you got home safe and sound. Your daughter is a doll, we were oooh and ahhh over her in one of the 8000 lines we were in to get through security at the airport!! :-) congrats momma!

Special K said...

She's breathtaking. What a perfect smile!

Shawnstribe said...

Welcome home and what a beautiful daughter you have!!!
take care
Shawn (tribe RQ)

Julie said...

She's absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations, welcome home and Merry Christmas!

RoLo said...

Welcome home:) Love the video:) Thanks for the travel tips.

Beverly said...

Love the video of the raspberries. So cute.


girlville said...

she's just too cute! congratulations.

Stacey said...

OMG that is the cutest baby I have ever seen! I'm catching up on my Kim updates. Glad to hear you guys are home from the hospital. You seem soooo happy (and tired...LOL). Looking forward to a Taco Thursday when we can meet Natalie! :) Take care! Love ya!