Friday, December 28, 2007

Sooooo sleepy

Boy are we messed up on our sleep cycles. Cutie pie is taking 4 naps a day and refuses to sleep more than 4 hours at a time. She is going to sleep better, she used to throw fits. Now she just looks very disappointed in me lol

Her little personality has really come out too. She talks, screams with joy and laughs a lot! Anything will set her off. She gets tickled at herself too, she does things that she knows we laugh at. Her big thing is clucking her tongue and doing wheezy breaths. That is hard to explain, she takes in a breath that sounds like an 89 year old chain smoker and lets out an exaggerated sigh. Then she'll pause to see if we heard her (we always do!) then she'll do it again and start to cackle.

My house is a nightmare. I didn't imagine that a little baby would cause such a mess! Its not so much her, as all her stuff. I've already started buying organizing containers.

She went to the doctor yesterday. She said she was right on target with her interactions and things like being able to feed herself. She weighed 17 pounds which is less than what China said. But the woman that told me the number didn't speak English so that could easily be a translation issue. She has visibly gained weight since we've been home, her upper legs now have a crease in them and her cheeks have filled out. The loose skin around her stomach is also gone, I think she was really dehydrated when I got her. Also, her lead levels are perfect (a concern with the region she is from) and her iron is great too.

I have been sick since the 4th day in China. I am almost over my respiratory crud but I still run fevers. I really think its some sort of Chinese virus she has already had, she had the crud too but no fever and with all the time we spend together (and her sticking her hands in my mouth playing) she hasn't caught what I have. I've lost 20 pounds in two weeks, even though I can afford to loose it (and 80 more ha) I wouldn't recommend doing it this way!

Her two front top teeth are coming in. I am glad I have lots of pictures with her gummy smile :)

This is how I wake up! Happy baby! This was our 2nd or 3rd day together in China.

At home in my favorite toy!


OziMum said...

Oooo... sleep deprivation is the WORST! Yep, if she got over the fits, I'm sure she'll get over her 4hr sleep routine!!!

Sweet Dreams Natalie and Kim!

Special K said...

I can't get over how beautiful her smile is. That certainly is the best thing to wake up to every day.