Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Notes!

  • I had a fantastic shower yesterday. I took pictures of all the loot, I'll post them shortly. I'm lucky to have so many people excited for me! It was all too much!

  • I am worn out. I have all my time planned out between now and 7:15 AM Tuesday. One piece of advice that I would pass down to those still waiting is to research your flights. Know what flies out of your local airport. Know what a good price is and what a bad price is. Wednesday's ticket problems totally wiped me out.

  • More advice to those waiting. I bought things for the trip as I went along. I wish I hadn't. I have spent $500 (or more) to buy things for the trip in the past month on top of what I had spent before. I wish I had stuck the money in a jar and bought everything at once. I would of had more controlled spending I think!

  • The baby's tickets came today. So did my passport, visa and TA that I need to take to China.

  • Chelle is going to guest blog for me while I'm gone. I don't think I'll be able to access my blog while in China. I'd rather be covered just in case!

  • Carla's shower is tomorrow - yay!

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