Monday, July 23, 2007

Tweet Tweet!

I've always wanted a bird! But I've never broke down and bought one.

Way back when, I came really close to buying a little parrot at PetSmart. But since I didn't have the $600 I went home.

This Saturday, someone is giving me their parrot for free! Cage and all! They say their dog is terrorizing it and want to rehome it (they have a ton of dogs). Not to say Wookie won't stare it down all day long, but at least Wookie can't bark at him.

Little parrots live to be 30+ years old and this one is 12. It sings and dances to music. It also barks back at the dogs. I can't wait!

This is what they look like, I am not sure on the color of mine, I've been told he's blue, green and red, but I don't know where the colors are on his body.

Isn't it adorable? It takes weekly showers and likes to look at itself in the mirror. He also has a bell that he hides in when the dogs scare him. I was going to ask Santa (aka Dad) for a parakeet for Christmas - a parrot is 400 times better! :)

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Shayla's Mom said...

My husband is jealous! He has always wanted a parrot and I told him about yours. Sounds like you're going to have a great weekend. Post pictures when you get him please!

LID 11/21/05