Thursday, July 05, 2007

19 Months LID

19 months - Crazy huh?

I've not posted nursery pictures because it's turned into a nightmare. Silly me, when you paint with red paint, I thought you just ummm painted.

Nope, turns out red paint is pure pigment and you have to use tinted primer so it has something to build on. THD was not suppose to sell the paint without the primer. Pisses me off to no end.

The paint is very thin and runny like furniture stain. I have 2 coats on it now and I spent some time last night sitting in the floor crying. I know that's silly but I took a perfectly painted room (I just painted it last year) and destroyed it.

I now have to sand the walls to even out the waves and lines and go back to THD and get the special primer and more paint. Behr said they would pick up the tab for the replacement paint and they had better pay for the first batch too. They said I had to wait a full 24 hours between coats and I would have to put 3 coats on it min.

All for a red room to go with her cutesie little red and white bedding. ARG!


Shayla's Mom said...

I'm sorry that happened. We have a red computer room & we didn't know that either at first. Luckily for us, someone was at the register and told us that just in time (not an employee either). It will be beautiful when it's done...just hang in there.

LID 11/21/05

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Happy 19 months less to wait!

Sorry about the paint. Red is tough to work with but I'm sure the finished product will be great. Can't wait to see pictures.

Shayla's Mom said...

Our paint didn't look runny, but even with the primer, we still had to put 3 coats on. It looks good now.