Monday, July 02, 2007


Its here! First showing was at 8 tonight. Started a little rough, the sound was messed up and it was sort of half on, half off, with the line in the middle. I hopped up, told them and they fixed that pretty quick. Halfway through it derailed and they couldn't start it where it ended. I'm gonna have to see it again :)

The computer stuff - really cool. The cheesy Optimus Prime sayings - really cool. Didn't have much of a plot. None of the bad guys had a personality, even a bad one. I think the young kids did a good job. Would of recast everyone else, that could of been much better.

Lots of comedy, not a lot of blood and guts. Lots of cool shot em up scenes without body parts flying through the air.

And my lovely lovely Camaro was in it. It was really like a 2 hour GM commercial! But I'm ok with that, I went to 1) see my car 2) hear Optimus 3) listen to the transforming sound (come on, you fellow nerds know what I sound I'm talking about).

It was good, could of been better, worth the $6 :)

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Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

At least you have a good excuse to go see it again!