Sunday, July 29, 2007

171H - take 2!

I didn't open this week's mail until today (all my bills are auto pay so I'm not really missing anything). After tossing 100 applications for new credit cards I found my new 171H :) I'd like to go to China now please!

I also got my $75 gift card from work. They had us fill out a survey through their health system that asked us basic info like weight, height, blood pressure, medications and lifestyle. I basically told them I was a tall, chucky, lazy woman with a good ticker. For this they gave me $75!

Actually what I think they were fishing for was information on whether I smoked or not (nope - I did for a few days when I was 17..then I caught my mall bangs on fire and well....) to reduce their cost of a policy. From what I remember about my health care plan, I pay $60ish a month and the company pays $200 just for me. When the kiddo comes its another $60. Not horrible, not great, but doable.

Actually, all costs of the kiddo at home are surprising me. I don't know what I thought I'd have to grow my own food. Daycare is not bad (see below!), she already had her toys & clothes for a LOOOONG time (yay yard sales), I bought 52 baby foods for $4, diapers are 12 cents each with coupons (although I am going to try cloth part time, its an environment thing) and I already have my 12 for a $1 washcloths to be her diaper wipes (I have 60!). So this is what I expect - for the 4 people that read this thing, is this a realistic budget for basic stuff?

Diapers & Wipes (avg 8 per day with cloth extras) - $35.00
Extra food (I figure she'll help me eat everything I waste too) - $30.00
Extra power (laundry & baths) - $20 (that is a 35% increase BTW)
Daycare - $318
Doc co-pays - $45 (three a month in the beginning?)
Insurance extra - $60
Just $508? The grandparents will keep me hooked up with baby clothes and toys. The best things to do locally are free (parks and playgrounds). I just imagined it all being closer to $1000 a month based on some posts I read, it has to be the daycare differences.

Anyway I have to go now, I am going to my mom's to make baby blankets. I have two great soft toys that are adding a blanket to and 6 we are sewing just from cloth. I'll post pics later - bye!

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Matt and Kathy said...

Hey Kim - I found this idea quite awhile ago. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds like it might work. Thought I'd share it with you.

1 roll of Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels or microwave paper towels (they can't be the cheap towels)
2 1/4 cups water
2 Tbsp baby shampoo or baby bath
1 Tbsp baby oil

Cut the roll of paper towels in half and remove the cardboard center. mix
the water, shampoo, or bath, and oil in a plastic container (such as an old
baby wipe container). Place half a roll in a container, put the lid on and
turn upside down to let the towels thoroughly soak. When ready to use pull
the towels from the center of the roll.

Tear the sheets and stack them like they are in a baby wipe
container, overlapping back and forth. Fill the container with as many
towels that will fit. Mix the water, shampoo or bath, and oil in a plastic
container (old juice container) (usually making extra). Shake real well and
pour over the towels. The mixture settles to the bottom. When ready to use
you just take from the top. If the wipes seem too dry, add a little more.