Sunday, July 01, 2007

Friday & Saturday

I went out with my mom yesterday. We ended up spending the whole day out, something I try not to do because I blow a lot of money!

We started with yard sales. Our best one was the first one, a repeat of one I had already been to. I don't know if they had cleared enough stuff so you could see what was out (multi family church sale) but I found some good stuff. I found two like new guaze weave diapers (the best kind, the kind they aren't making anymore), a dress for the baby, a toy for the baby and a deep picture frame. It had a cute gumball cross stitch in it that was really dirty. I've got it soaking now to see if it will come clean. If not, I really paid that whole 50 cents for the frame. Its about an inch deep and I'll be able to paint it then put some of my vacation seashells in it.

This is the dress:
It's hard to see but it has smocking on it :)

This is the squirrel plush, how cute!

We also went to another church sale and I got a 4 compartment white dish for the holiday's when I need to put out things like pickles ($1.25 woohoo).

Next we went to the -cheaper than dirt- overstock grocery store. This is the type of place where you can find treasures if you are willing to look. They have yoplait yogurts for 12 cents each but you have to eat them within 3-7 days (and I wonder, can you freeze yogurt? Seems to me it would be sort of like ice cream but you'd kill the bacteria?). They also have some meat deals that I don't think are deals, I can do better with Food City with their mark down stickers. I got several items like White Lily muffin mixes for 33 cents, altoids gum in the tins for 50 cents, big bags of hershey's treasures for 70 cents. I also got fancy cat food that the cats love for 20 cents a pounch. I spent $17 and got $50 worth of stuff easy.

We then went to eat Chinese ($10 arg) and went to the swimsuit outlet for my mom. She got two suits, one she ordered and a spare (buy one for 25 or 2 for's hard not to get that second one!). I got a cute white hooded cover up for $10 and it was something I needed so I was ok with that.

Then we went ot the dreaded evil walmart. It was one of those days, out of everything odd and weird. No food bought but I needed cat stuff, air filters, a plant yada yada. I paid their $75 entry fee and left feeling very cranky. Note to self, never ever go to Walmart on Sat!

Friday was our work picnic at a local recreation area. I bought and cooked the food (cept for the grilling, I don't like fire). I made baked beans, BBQ meatballs, chopped up a ton of fruit & veggies and made 2 cakes. I bought/made twice as much as we ate and I brought a lot home.

The cake (choco cake with sweet milk poured over it, then caramel then cool whip then heath bars -- twitch twitch)
The lodge

The decorations

Almost got a good pic of our visitor!

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