Friday, July 20, 2007

Deals, Deals and more Deals

I am not going to comment on the referral buzz. It makes me so excited that I might puke and no one wants that!

I've spent the week making lists and deciding what will be done when. I have a lot of small loose ends with the house that will be finished up very soon. I am gathering all my clutter to sell in yard sales (and have scheduled three in a row in three different locations) and hope to really trim down on the volume of stuff that I own. Wish me luck!

So listen to my 2 deals of the week. First deal, I head to LB to return a top and jeans that didn't fit at all (why I didn't try it on, who knows). They were a lot, like $85 but I had real woman bucks which made it $42.50, which I don't think is bad for a work outfit. So I go, pick out new things, which were all on clearance and I didn't know how they'd quite work out the discount piece. She said I'd get full credit ($92) but I couldn't use the new coupons on my new order (or I could of gotten what I paid and used a coupon for my new stuff - quick calculation in my head said her idea was a better deal). So I pick out a warm up jacket, a dressy top, a super long tshirt and a pair of capris thinking I would be close to an even swap. Two of my items were more than 50% off of what they were marked on the tags then everything was 40% off because it was clearance. So listen to this, after buying 4 pieces of clothing she put a $45 credit on my credit card because it was easier for me than store credit (and she did it without asking, she was way faster than me). I wasn't quite sure what she had done until I studied my receipt. Are you keeping up with me? For a $46 purchase, I got 3 tops, I pair of pants and a $45 credit back to my card?? I am still scratching my head at that?

So then my best friend pulls out a $15 off of $15 coupon that she forgot to give me before all this started. The sales girl said go grab a couple more tshirts and I was good with that. End cost to me $7.

Ok so then my BFF checked out, used her coupons and everything was good. Then o the way out she saw the pants she had been looking for and went to ring those up. They were a little over $55 total. For those of you not familiar with LB coupons, you get $25 off of $75 all time. Now my BFF not being a coupon fan doesn't care that she can get a $20 something for free. So I go grab a shirt that I liked but didn't buy and toss it on the pile. In the end she paid $5 less and I got a free shirt. Got to love that!

Soooo for the grand total of $8 ($7 transaction and $1 diff in credit) I got 3 tshirts, 2 dress tops, 1 warm up jacket and a pair of capris. hehe

And here is my other bargain. If you read through all of the above, well then you deserve this little tidbit. Go to this Target link and print out a ton:

Stage 2 meals are 52 cents. Yup do the math, you pay 2 cents a jar for baby food. If you decide to go with the plastic tubs, some of the 2 packs are on sale for 79 cents (a whoping 14.5 cents each) or you can get the chunky stage three like me for 29 cents after coupons for the larger jars. I did get a few 2 cent jars of mac and cheese (all that was left) and I hope they restock the chicken and beef. So run as fast as you can and wipe out your target! :)


Princess Diaries said...

Wow- you are a great bargain shopper. Thanks for the tip.

Kim said...

I am soooo keeping my fingers crossed for you that you will be in the next referral batch!!!
Love the pics of the cats!

Kim Y
LID 3/29/07 for Megan Jean

Ladybug Kreations

Matt and Kathy said...

Wow, great job on the clothing. I printed some of the coupons for the Target sale. Now, if I can only get there. Thanks for those.