Saturday, July 28, 2007

Things I like to think about...

Today I packed most of my stuff for China. If cutie pie is about the size as the other kiddos that are coming home, I have her clothes all picked out. I'm not going to wash or pack those until I know her size. And I have two lists, a fall travel list of clothes for me and a winter list. Cross your fingers that they get through Nov 22nd next week so I'll be in line for a Sept referral :)

So anyway, I like to think about the fun stuff we'll do together. Our first vacation is scheduled for Jan 7th, its a 5 day with 11 co-workers ($348 PP including tax/fees for an outside cabin if anyone wants to go - group bonus of $50 too - email me, we have 2 cabins left). There are all kinds of fun trips I want to do but a lot of those need to hold off until she's older. Like a long cruise along the coast of Greece..will prob wait until she's 10 for that..old enough to appreciate it, not too old to think I'm a dork for being excited about going. I want to add in the UK in there somewhere too, maybe when she's 12 or so.

But this is what I can't wait to do when she's 7/8. Next year we'll be going to Disney so I can get my fix then we are going to hold off until she can remember it all. We'll do a week in the parks then a week on a Disney Cruise!

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