Monday, August 29, 2016

Meal Plan Monday (Day 71) Kroger Has Great Deals Through Tuesday

I know it can vary by region, but Kroger has some great deals happening this week. $.88 cantaloupe, peaches, broccoli, and grapes. $.99 summer squash, sweet onion, and green beans. T-bone steak is $5.99, and chicken breast is $1.99. Lunchbox fugi apples were $.20, corn on the cob was $.33.

But...the sale was so good they were out of peaches, grapes, green beans, steak, and corn. But I got rain checks so I will still get the deals Wednesday onward.

For $32.82 we got about 4 pounds of broccoli, 2 bags of lima beans (digital coupon 50 cents off two), 2 pounds of zucchini (which was rang up as cucumber so they owe me $2), carrots, onion, 20 apples, 4 teeny cantaloupes, baby spinach, Italian bread, pineapple, 5 packs of turkey (5 @ 1.99, $3.98 pp for lunchmeat), and some bananas.

This is our meal plan for the week. Anyone else doing the meal plan thing? We aren't eating out much anymore because we decided to start doing bigger vacations. Next year Italy, the year after, China. I would rather eat at home (on a diet anyway) and go do stuff.

Next week meal plan
Soup beans, zucchini and onion, tomato salad
Lima beans, BLT, cantaloupe
Mongolian beef and broccoli
Beer brats, potato salad, and fruit salad
Pulled pork tacos, black beans, green salsa
BBQ chicken/sweet onion pizza and fruit salad
Fancy salad with grilled chicken on sprouts, broc, carrots, cucumber, etc

Lunches will be turkey, pretzels, popcorn, apples, peanut butter crackers, carrots etc The hubs will take leftovers. I eat leftovers too.

Have a good week! 

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Shaheen said...

Your baby cucumbers are just so cute.