Thursday, August 25, 2016

Grocery Shopping with Pictures (cause that is more fun)

First you might have noticed that BAM! there are a lot of posts here suddenly. I am in the process of merging two blogs.

I missed blogging about food, deals, and vacations so I started it back on a different blog. then I thought that is dumb, I should put everything here to keep it all together. I will have everything transferred in the next few days.

First pictures from my Aldi run.

That was $37.69. That's all! 2 milk, 1 carafe OJ, 2 watermelons, one beer brat, 1 cheese, 1 ham, sour cream, 2 bunches of bananas, 4 pounds of grapes, pretzels, pringles, tortillas, frosted flakes, 2 breads, and 6 yogurts.

(And if you remember me from a long time ago you might be like "wait that doesn't look like her kitchen" and you would be right. I got hitched, we moved to a fixer upper auction house in the fancy part of town. It was super rough and the kitchen was redone. I love it!)

Then I went to Kroger for their advertised deals.

They sent me a stack of loyalty coupons. See that chicken? I don't normally buy prebreaded anything. But I think it is better than fast food nuggets because they aren't fried. So I had a coupon for $2.50 off two. Do the math with me...each pack was $.54. Score!

Drum roll please.....

I got about 12 pounds of chicken breast in that stack of chicken. $1.88 per pound :)
I got ten apple juice for $1 each, minus a $.55 coupon and a $.75 coupon.
The carrots and lima beans were free :)
The pasta sauce was 5 for $5 if you loaded the digital coupon.
The peanut butter was 5 for $5 if you loaded the digital coupon.
The pasta was $.60 after coupon.the bacon wasn't great in price, almost $4 with coupon. But it was a lean pack.
The corn was 3 for $1.
The peppers were on markdown for $.99.
The Worcestershire sauce was an awful price, $3.59.
Apples were $.50 each, the onion was $.53, and the sub rolls were mark down to $1.79.

All in all my Kroger bill was $61.80

$99.49 for this week's food plus a bunch in my stock pile. I am happy with that!

Oh and here is a picture of the kid trying on clothes last week:) She is stellar! Straight A student. Tn State Champ for gymnastics. She also got her probationary black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Oh and she is nice and sweet. Best kid ever :)

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