Monday, August 22, 2016

Harvest Monday August 22nd

It is Harvest Monday! You can see other gardens at Our Happy Acres!

It is a shame we don't have any tomatoes.....

But that is about all I have. I only have one bad tomato in that batch. And the green ones look way green in the photo but they have substantial yellow on them so they will turn on the countertop.

We had a ton of rain and the corn has really shot up. Unfortunately the winds blew our poorly staked cherry tomatoes over and they started rotting. Maybe blight? I don't know. We didn't trim or stake these correctly.So I guess it is a miracle we got what we did. We have 16 plants, 8 feet tall, practically laying on each other on their sides now. There are 200, 300? cherry tomatoes on them. So I am not sure what will happen with those. We cut off 75% of the nasty went mushy stuff. Oops

Our bell pepper plants bloomed and are producing peppers! Lesson learned, never plant squash with anything but squash. We have three nice pepper plants and two more meh plants. Our hot pepper plant also started growing once the yellow squash plant was pulled. We have one enormous lovely hot pepper trying to turn red.

The sugar peas are sprouting :) The second batch of basil grew crazy fast :) Our beefstake tomatoes are like a whole 3 inches tall now :)

One lettuce grew a little, one did not. I did find more watermelons and was very excited about that. We have nine large ones that look great and about 10 that are little and may or mat not make it. I had to throw one, the size of my fist, away on Thursday because it rotted on the end. Fickle little things.

Our green beans are actually "beaning" and we have a handful close to picking size. 

The main zucchini plant isn't happy, it's two fruit haven't changed much in a week. Its substandard siblings are still substandard. Why? Squash bugs. Ug. I am pretty ticked. We sprayed them with dawn and drowned all the white babies today. I am squishing the adults as I see them. Hopefully the watered down dawn won't hurt my plants. I picked one zucchini to give the plant a chance to rest and have two babies growing.

The cucumbers haven't produced anything yet. With the other plants, we had teeny cucumbers just a few days after the yellow flowers appears. We have nothing this time. We also don't have our bees, they went away :( 

So lesson learned this week, plant lots of flowers around veggies to attract bees. 

This is what I picked this week:

104.30 ounces of tomatoes
96.90 ounces of cherry tomatoes
4.35 ounces zucchini
1.04 ounces pole beans (so pleased with this! it is a handful!)
206.59 ounces or 12.91 pounds

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