Thursday, August 18, 2016

Weekly Shopping Trip

My husband ran to the store and bought two packs of bacon, a bunch of bananas, and a loaf of bread. And has no clue what he spent. It was at Kroger and he bought substandard bacon (really? with the home grown tomatoes?). I will put down $3 per bacon, he got the gross $1 bread (aldi .85 bread is way better), and he got about a dollar I would guess of bananas. So with tax and all I will put down $9 for him.

Now on to me. The one with a list, plan, and receipt.

milk times two
10 pounds potatoes
2 OJ
pineapple times two
yellow mustard
cucumbers times two (and they stink compared to our garden ones that are gone)
organic lettuce
pepper jack
red grapes
yogurt times three
lots of bananas, 4.75 pounds (in addition to what he bought. The kid eats a lot of bananas.)
small pack of turkey lunchmeat because they were out of ham
tortilla chips
frosted flakes
honey wheat puffs
bread times two

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