Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day 56 Meal Plan

Once again, did so so on the meal plan. We had date night at steak and shake so the spaghetti wasn't made. Then the ham had more leftovers than anticipated, even after five lunches. So tonight we will finish it up.

This is my plan this week:
Pork roast, gravy, potatoes, peas
BLTs and fruit salad X 2 because our tomatoes are coming in
Fancy salad with sliced chicken
Chicken chili lime know the thing we have been trying to eat for a month
Home made pizza with asiago cheese, real sausage, and carmelized onion, mushroom plus a side salad
Chicken Alfredo and a freezer veggie or leftover salad

Lunch will be:
Pulled pork sandwich with home made pickles, watermelon, cutie orange, pretzels, pb crackers
Pulled pork sandwich with home made pickles, watermelon, peach, pretzels, pb crackers
Pbj, 2 bananas, pretzels, cherry tomatoes
Ham sandwich, banana, regular orange, pretzel, mini cucumbers (store bought...sigh)

This week I need to buy:
2 milk
2 OJ
Two, maybe three loaves of bread
Bacon X 2
Two cans of pineapple
Lots of bananas
Misc fruit (need to take inventory of leftovers in fridge)
Small pack of ham
Mini cucumbers

I am going to Kroger too, their chicken breast is 1.88 pp. I don't want to be caught without chicken in the freezer. They also have Zuchinni, squash, corn, eggplant, and green beans on sale.

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