Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 63 Meal Plan

Meal plan went pretty well. The Alfredo made two meals so we had leftovers. We did eat Wendy's on Wednesday because we were 45 minutes from home. Tonight I will make the pork and potatoes.

So this week I will do:

- vegetable creamy Mac and cheese, fancy sausage
- that poor chicken taco I have been trying to do for 2 months. Except I am doing shredded pork. Also a side salad of organic lettuce and our organic garden cherry tomatoes.
- a double batch of porcupine meatballs, half pork, half beef. I will also do another salad (we have a lot of tomatoes), California mix, peas, and corn. We will eat this two nights in a row.
- spaghetti
- Philly "cheesesteak" and watermelon (I am going to use ground beef instead of steak)
- home made potato soup, tomato sandwiches and fruit salad

Lunches will be:
pbj, pretzels, cantaloupe, bananas, cherry tomatoes, muffin
chicken salad, pretzels, grapes, yogurt, pb crackers, muffin X 2
ham sandwich, cheese popcorn, pb crackers, bananas, muffin X 2

I am going to start making muffins for lunches. My daughter is a competitive gymnast. She weighs about 57 pounds at nine years old. She is 99.9% muscle. And she eats like a teenage boy. So when you see me packing a sandwich, half a pound of melon, 2 bananas, a bag of pretzels, half a pound of tomatoes, and a muffin in one lunch, know that is for the kid. My husband doesn't take that much food to work.

provolone cheese slices
watermelon (on sale $2.69)
bananas (on sale $.29)
red and white grapes (on sale $.79)
honeydew melon (on sale $1.29)
bread x 2
sour cream
2 milk
pack of ham lunchmeat
bell pepper
fancy sausage from their cold case

french bread or a type of roll (whatever is cheapest)
Worcestershire sauce
2 apples (just for fruit salad)
10 pounds of chicken breast (on sale)
10 apple juice (on sale)
10 yogurts (on sale)
bacon (on sale)

The hubby is going to try to make bread tonight so we can use up our wheat. We bought chemical free organic wheat berries in a 100 pound sack awhile ago. The hubs is going to make french bread so I might be taking that off my list. (and more stuff gone out of my pantry yay!)

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