Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Grocery Shopping

I grocery shopped yesterday and I feel good about what I spent.

First things first, I went to Aldi :) I spent $40.90 on:

2 milks (2.19)
2 OJ carafes (1.99! this went down 20 cents! You are probably thinking big whoop but I buy two every week. 40 cents time 52 weeks times 7.5%. It is like someone just handed me $22.36 a year!)
watermelon 2.49
mandarins 2.49
all purpose flour 1.49
cheese crackers 1.79
pringles 1.45
grape jelly 1.29 (because they wont eat homemade eye rolling good strawberry with peanut butter. Freaks.)
Italian Seasoning .99 (and I found my other huge container minutes after being home. oops.)
spaghetti sauce 1.19 - wait a minute, why did this go up in price? I need to keep an eye out for a $1.00 ragu sale.
peanut butter 1.49
tator tots 1.65
honey nut oats 1.19
bananas .70
garlic powder .99
tortillas 1.69
frosted flakes 1.29
saltines .99
3 eggs .79
4 pounds of red grapes .78 pp
bread .85

Then I ran over to Kroger. As much as I love Aldi, Kroger is like my Macy's of grocery shopping. I like looking at their weird and fancy stuff although I rarely buy it. It is my fun store.

I bought 20.12 pounds of pork loin at $1.79 pp. That is 20 meals of meat. I used the first pound last night. I am going out of order on meal plans again. I put the rosemary garlic sauce on it instead of chicken. It was a fantastic crock pot meal! That meal with peas, potatoes, gravy and roast was under $5. And it was delicious!

I also got lured into the produce department where I bought:
one romaine lettuce .99
3 peaches 1.18
fresh green beans .87 (two big handfuls)

Total there was 42.16

So for the week, I was a little higher than I want to be. BUT I have 18 pork roasts going into the freezer for later use. Things like the eggs, seasonings, peanut butter, jelly, flour, and cereals will last longer than this week. So I feel good about it overall :)

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