Monday, August 29, 2016

Harvest Monday August 29, 2016

I will start this post off with a little heartbreak.

The little warped heavy as a bowling ball melon (it is triangle shaped), fell off it's fence perch and busted a second watermelon in two :(

The big watermelon ran out of room to grow, and the last time we moved a melon it died, so we picked it. It looks just like the melons, size, weight, thunking-ness, as the ones we buy at Aldi. I am giving it a few days before I cut into it. I don't think I can handle seeing more light pink under-ripe melon guts. This melon's vine was an overachiever and had three. Now maybe the two others (that haven't really grown) will have the opportunity to grow larger. 

Our cucumbers produced something! I was watching one very closely, I didn't want to miss the first heirloom. While I was watching it, two grew unnoticed almost under my lettuce pots. They were delicious, and were more dense than the first batch we grew. 

Our beans have produced three handfuls! No clue what kind they are, but they taste great. 

I also picked two scrawny zucchini to give the plant a chance. Substandard siblings are all dead. The bugs got them. But they won't get my good plant, it is already sprouting new leaves and has two more baby zucchini this morning. Our dawn pesticide worked great on the tiny babies, but not on the adults. So I am going old school and squishing them. Good thing I am not squeamish, because they squirt green goo. I don't leave my plant until I have squished 100 and sprayed the dawn again.Usually twice a day because I am irked. Never would I have thought 20+ plants would die :(

And we are still picking all our tomatoes when they get a touch of yellow on them. It is working out really well. We have about 5 out of 16 cherry tomato plants that have decided to grown more tomatoes. So this week we will clear out the others. They are mostly ones that were broken in the storm or have run their course. Then I will put spinach in their place. We pay $6 a pound for organic spinach. The plan was to grow 100+ pounds of it this spring and summer. Eat what we could fresh and freeze the rest. But TN weather decided to be blazing hot and none of it would grow. So we will try again.

We have sugar peas growing! Some of our corn is three feet tall! The lettuce is growing well in the container. I should probably thin that.

Lots of baby cucumbers, we have two bees now. Next year we will keep cucumbers blooming all year long. And this is batch three of cucumbers, they popped through the dirt. We have 12 new ones to make up for all the heirloom ones that fizzled before they were a foot long. The heirlooms also have holey leaves compared to their engineered brothers. I thought that was interesting. You don't think about stuff like "genetically modified", and why it was modified, until you have it in your backyard.

And check this out. These aren't cherry tomatoes, they are the celebrity ones. I staked them for the 15th time, fertilized them as an apology, and a week later we have little tomatoes. These grew faster than even the cherry tomatoes. As a newbie I didn't know tomatoes would keep going and going like that. For every 20 we pick in a week, there are 20 more new babies. And check out those weeds! I grow those REALLY well! (they are outside the bed)

And these are the two cherry tomato plants that grew themselves. I plant two inch tall ones 2 months ago (their siblings are 6+ feet tall) and they died. There must have been extra seeds in the starter cup. 

Grown this week:
Tomatoes - 71.63
Cherry Tomatoes - 98.10
Zucchinni - 3.25
Cucumber - 12.40
Green beans - 6.35
Sprouts - 11.45
Watermelon - 204.80
407.95 ounces or 25.50 pounds

I think that is it for this week. Be sure to check out the other gardens at Our Happy Acres


Dave @ OurHappyAcres said...

The squash bugs are bad here too, and no matter what I do they eventually get all the plants. I'm crossing my fingers that your melon is good and ripe!

Phuong said...

It looks like your watermelon plants are producing really well, we have trouble telling when they're good and ripe even at the store. You've gotten tons of tomatoes and cucumbers, so great!

Julie said...

I know the disappointment of cutting open a watermelon and finding it white and pink. I did that recently with a lovely 9 lb watermelon, such a tragedy! I hope you have better luck. Looks like your tomatoes and cucumbers are doing well... enjoy!