Friday, November 27, 2009

Moving - Some More

I am picking up another Uhaul on Sunday. I actually hired 2 movers for 2 hours to get all the furniture down the stairs.

The little house has had a facelift. The front porch rails had finally "cured" enough to get their paint. Natalie's room was redone from top to bottom, it looks the same color wise, but it got all new paint, the crown molding was prettied up and her hardwood was refinished. The playroom got new paint and new carpet. It needs a new light, I hope to move her fan from the big house to the playroom. I have a plain three tulip fixture to put back in the big house. It is sort of like musical light fixtures.

The bath got all new paint, the hall too. My room's hardwood, the hall and living room were refinished too. Tomorrow my room will be painted light blue I think. I have Dad's dark furniture and white bedding so I think it will look ok.

But anyway, the point of the post was to say we are close to being out of here. I've not been actively selling the big place because everything is just a wreak right now. I am cautiously optimistic that things will fall into place by the end of Feb. My official flip out date is Feb 28th. If the house/condo/cars are all still around, I reserve the right to flip out for as long as needed.

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