Sunday, November 01, 2009

Day 8 & 9

Day 7 was slacker day. I was physically pooped and didn't accomplish anything except shopping at Old Navy.

Yesterday John, Mom and I (and the baby) went to the little house. Mom and I cleaned while John tackled Natalie's old red room. His OCD went a little wild when he started looking around. I am not the best painter, I drip a little (a lot). He walked around muttering about all he was going to fix. I stressed to him that I had lived with drips for 6 years in that house and I could live with them another 6. I think he ignored me tho.

The red room's crown molding is now fixed. He caulked it and fixed a spot where Dad and I set a nail to hard and cracked it. I have to admit that always bothered me, but who had time to fix it? He also put another coat of red paint on, the primer was bleeding through. That is what you get for buying paint at Home Depot (boo hiss). The Sherman Williams gold plated paint should hold up nicely. When I left he was shaving my bathroom door that was sticking then he was doing the red room's baseboards.

Today John has already painted the hall bath and is halfway down the the master bath at the big house. After lunch we are headed to the little house, he'll tackle the pink room and I'll work in the basement (baby is going to nana's). My damp musty basement is no more, I wish I had dryblocked the entire thing when I first moved in. Who knew it would work so well? I have things to shift out of the way and a lot of vacuuming to do.

I hope to move in 2 weeks. Uhauls are cheap and I have people lined up to help. Everything that is going to Goodwill is staying in the large house until pick up on Jan 4th. After we move I'll have to come back and start cataloging my donation for taxes. Then I'll have a pick up at the little house and by Feb/March 2010, I will be "stuff" free. I am looking forward to it.

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