Saturday, November 21, 2009

Consignment Store Sale

Today the consignment store I like had a dollar sale on leftover summer stuff. I get a lot of credit for putting back a dozen little baby things. I probably have enough for DD2 already and I keep telling myself that. Everything except for the fish romper are for Natalie next summer. I hit the jackpot :)
This is a Disney outfit. I didn't see any characters on it but I thought it was cute. The light is hitting it funny, you can't see the embroidery on it very well.

I think this is really cute. I'll probably put it with some sort of capris since the sides go all the way up to her waist.

The best find ever, I wanted this when it was new. Look at the shirt detail and how black the skirt is. It doesn't even look worn.

This is nice and bright, will be pretty with her dark hair.

I caved on this one. It was the only little thing I got (18 mon I think). It is just really well made and I think I can convert it to a swing top.

I like the flower and stem design on this one.

This is an old navy jumper that she'll start wearing next week with a top under it.

So $7 well spent I think. Sometimes you have to pick through things that shouldn't be on the racks, faded and stained. This time I was like wow? really? just a $1? Everything looked great.

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