Monday, November 02, 2009

Back to Work

It wasn't too bad and it went pretty quick. Everyone knew I didn't want to talk about it.

Last night I sanded my bedroom floor and put a new coat of poly on it. The difference is huge, I am glad I did it (even though the smell of poly makes me want to gag). I think I might go ahead with a light lilac color on the walls.

John didn't get the pink room painted but he did get the messed up wall fixed (I am not a good mud-er) and primed it. Carpet is going in a week from Wednesday because he can't get in there to paint it until Sunday. He did paint my bathroom and hall and redid all the trim. It is now a light tan color which offsets the white trim a lot better. He is itching to paint the pine in my living room, he wants to caulk the seams, all 8000 of them (ok maybe not 8000, but there are a LOT) and use super paint on it. I might just let him!

I have my car loaded with things from my walk in closet. It is almost empty, it is my plan to clear out the closet and my bath, clean it, then close the door so the paint won't get messed up. We'll use the hallbath, much easier to repaint if we do something to it.

Carpet goes into the den Wednesday. House listed on Thursday on Saturday, yard sale with an ad in the paper (I'll have all the house info available too and will show it if anyone wants to see it). Sunday afternoon, open house.

Someone seems to know someone who wants to live in this neighborhood and I am undercutting the competition by 15K and my place is move in ready. I am optimistic that it will sell quickly.

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K said...

You are really moving along. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures. Are you taking any before and after shots?