Thursday, November 05, 2009

2 Years

Two years ago I was at work and I got the call. I asked how old she was and maybe where she was. They volunteered that she had lots of hair and she was happy looking in her pictures. Then they said they would send pictures when they finished calling everyone. I said something along the lines of, hang up hang up, I want my picture!

I got the top one first. I was really surprised. That wasn't my baby. She didn't look anything like the baby in my head. Then I opened the 2nd and 3rd one. THERE SHE WAS!

It didn't take long for me to become very fond of her little mug shot. And I think we were matched because my home study mentioned me going to the beach quite a bit and there is a palm tree on her shirt :)

I called my Dad first and told him the news. It was his birthday after all. He was so excited. I miss my Dad a lot.


K said...
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K said...

I envy you the realationship you had with your dad. I'm sorry he's gone and that you have to miss him this way.

OziMum said...

Gosh! Two years already!! This year has just disappeared, can't believe its almost Christmas already!!! I love Natalie's Christmas list - too cute!

Stephe said...

Sending you BIG HUGS!

K said...

I was doing more "settling in" and came across this, from hospice. They kept in touch with me for the entire first year after my grandmother died. I wish that no matter what the circumstances of the passing, that everyone grieving the loss of their loved one had this kind of support. Surprisingly, it was about nine months after my grandmother died that I started have the most sadness.

"Reflections About Time and Change by Dennis Klass, PhD.

I often wonder what people are thinking when they say, "You'll get over it." Sometimes it sounds to me as if they are talking about a case of mumps or my despair at income tax time. But what can they mean when they say it about grief? Maybe they mean that grief is just an interruption in life. Their theory seems to be that life is basically happy - buying stuff, working, watching TV - but that a time of death and grief is an unnatural sad time in that happy life. I can't agree with that view

Time can lessen the hurt; the empty place we have can seem smaller as other things and experiences fill our life; we can forget for periods and feel as if our loved one didn't die; we can find sense in the death and undersand that perhaps this death does fit into a bigger design in the world; we can learn to remember to good and hold to that.

But we cannot "get over it," because to get over it would mean we were not changed by the experience. It would mean we did not grow by the experience. It would mean that the child's [loved one's] death made no difference in our life.

No, we don't get over it. We change and grow. Our life has a difference which is ours alone. Perhaps we can help each other made that difference - the kind of difference that increased the world's supply of copassion, love and healing."

Tricia Thompson said...

Congratulations to you and Natalie for 2 years together. I bet you cannot remember your life without her in it. She is just so precious!