Sunday, November 15, 2009

Money & Moving

So I spent a ton of money yesterday at Toys R Us. But I am done with Natalie's Christmas I think.

She is getting the purpliest bike in the world. Check this out!

The bike was a deal I think, $89.99 for $50.63 after all their discounts.

Then I went over the to Crayola isle. They were doing BOGO on Colorwonder kits. I got every single kind they had. That was a lot of fun! I also got a free special tin of crayons in the promo. I don't think these will be presents, I feel funny giving her things that I believe she should have anyway.But a couple of them are Birthday presents.

I took advantage of the buy $40 in Disney movies and get $10 promo too. I got 4 Christmas movies, two to give as presents. Now these I will wrap up, she won't remember she picked them out (shopping with a 2.75 yr old is easy peasy).

Then I went to the board game isle. They had tons of ages 3+ games that were $3.99. If you spent $25 then you got another $10 card. So I got 7 different games for her playroom for $30.58. I'll be getting a $14 rebate and got a $10 GC. So in the end, paid $6.58 for some great classic games :) These will be for birthday I think.

It was a cart full of stuff and the little boys behind us commented on it. Natalie leaned forward and proudly proclaimed "Yep, my mama has MONEY today!". That is what happens when you tell her in the car that she can pick out anything she wants for $20 or less. If she picks out something too expensive she'll have to pick out something else because mama isn't made of money, but she has money today. That is all she picked up on and even after me prodding, she didn't pick out a toy.

So all in all, she'll get a bike and helmet, a lego table, a santa mickey, 2 movies, 2 generic play doh kits and several tubs of playdough. I've also found the red glitter snowflake, the red bouncy ball and the red box she can sit in. The angel is becoming an issue, she upped her request, it is now a red glittered sequined angel that she can put her money in. Um yikes.

I rented a Uhaul yesterday and moved all the items I am keeping out of the garage. I can now start the task of itemizing for my taxes next year. Since I'll be paying birth expenses OOP, I'll be able to itemize. I'll rent another Uhaul when the big house sells to move my upstairs items out. I don't have a lot of stuff up here so it should work out ok.

Today we are going over to the little house. I'll be cleaning and unpacking. I decided it was better to do this in stages than to move everything in a big huge mess. the Uhaul was just $75, even with 2 rentals, it is way less than the $650 we paid the movers last time.

I think that is it for now, I have pictures that I'll post when my batteries are charged.


K said...

You sure got a lot of stuff for Christmas! I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a mom who focuses on the meaning of the holiday and not the commercialism. Something happened one Christmas when I was young, perhaps late teens, early twenties, one of my younger sisters who was 4 years younger started crying after all the presents were opened because she'd been counting and didn't feel she had had a good Christmas because she had less presents. I really thought it was ridiculous and my mom started "finding" presents that "Santa" had mislabeled for her. My mom told me that she felt the sister had gotten fewer gifts than intended, for some reason, but I still thought it was all so stupid that here we were all together as a huge extended family and it was about presents for my sister.

I'm not sure exactly what tradition I'll have, but when my daugher is older, I like the idea of serving Christmas dinner to the poor at a soup kitchen or something like that.

Your moving plan sounds like a good one. I'm looking forward to before and after pictures.

Kim said...

Na, spending less than $200 isn't really embracing anything. Her main present, the bike, is something she wouldn't of gotten anyway. I was just waiting for her legs to be long enough :)

Eliza2006 said...

Sounds like a fun Christmas to me! Eliza is getting the entire Belle dress-up with light up shoes, the wand, the crown, etc., a scooter and helmet and some other little stuff (I have some things I've been collecting, I just need to go downstairs and sort through it...some for Christmas and some for birthdays). Sollie is getting a slide and something else (still deciding). I haven't decided what Santa will be bringing me this year...I really want a kitchenaid mixer, but haven't decided if I'll spend the $$. Christmas is so fun with little kids. I initially (in my pre-kid days when I knew everything ;) thought I'd stick to a couple of gifts for Christmas, but nah, it's way too fun for me to watch the excitement Christmas morning (and I like to shop way too much and find way too many really, really good deals!)!!! I think I've kept it under $200 for both of the kids, but I haven't been keeping track really well. A while ago I found the furreal ponies for so, so cheap...I bought 3 and sold them, so that was my Christmas $$ for the kids! It's my hobby!

Kim said...

T- you are the shopping queen!

I have a stand mixer on my want list too. I am going to redo the kitchen of the little house when we move back. There is a blue sink I'm drooling over at THD and it matched the blue kitchen aid mixer! It also matches the fancy smansy front load washer/dryers that are so expensive but I don't think I'll go that far :)