Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I pretty much broke Friday night. All the stress of my Dad, plus additional stress from my brother (who has serious issues) was just too much. So I am taking time off from work. I am not sure at this point if it is paid or not (FLMA secures my job, unpaid, while short term secures my job and pays me), but I've decided not to worry about it either way. This is what emergency funds are for right? I was given pills to help with my excess adrenaline (which was causing irregular heartbeats, chest pain, shaking and chills) and I'm going to a therapist to work through my grief issues. Who knew I had grief issues? (ok I knew, I am mad at my Dad for dying on me and I am paying someone to tell me why). I'm not much of a pill person but I have to admit, it did help with the chest pain so I will take them exactly when I am supposed to, like a good girl.

So if you know me in the real world and I look whipped, you know why. I've already been told by two people I look like crap. Gee thanks.


Rita said...

go easy on yourself. you've been through alot. try to get some extra rest. cyber-hugs!

RamblingMother said...

You have gone through an awful lot. I would have crumpled much sooner. Praying for you!