Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The day wasn't bad at all. I fully expected to cry most of the day because Dad wasn't there. Instead I focused on Natalie and how happy she was and how much fun she was having.

She was a wild child for most of the day. Eating chocolate for breakfast can do that to a girl. She was pleased with all her presents and once it was all unwrapped, didn't look like a whole lot. (the pictures in the previous post included 9 presents to my mom from me and like 6 from her to me). She has already used her new playdough sets and has played with her transforming rocket quite a bit. The zippidty requires EIGHT C batteries. So tomorrow I have to go to walmart and get a rechargable set. It is going to cost $30-40 to get set up for batteries for a $60 toy. DOH

Anyway, the biggest hit of the day?


Um - ya, chapstick. Last night in bed she rolled over and said with such passion, Mama, I hope Santa brings me chapstick, I REALLY want it. Well lucky me, I had bought her a tube for her stocking. She carried that chapstick in her pocket all day. Now she is sleeping with it.


To recap, last year could of been a big wheel and cardboard house. This year could of been rocket and chapstick. I don't think next year will be as gift-y!

Her shirt says good things come in small packages :)


K said...

Merry Christmas! Natalie looks very happy.

Chani's Bow Making Mama said...

Happy Holidays! Love the chapstick story!

ryarosh said...

Glad to hear Christmas went well. Loved hearing about her wanting Chapstick.

My girls absolutely love the lipgloss and hand creams their Aunt sent. She is selling Avon now and find Hannah Montana and Princess themed stuff to send them and they loved it. Always a winner.