Wednesday, December 09, 2009

We have almost moved

The little house is 75% set up with the things I decided to keep. I've got a few things left in the big house that I am moving as I go back to clean it up so I can show it. Never did I think I'd take so long to get it ready to show. I just knew that I'd have it ready to go by the first of Nov. Now I'll be lucky to hit the beginning of Jan. But I tell myself, money wise, it will all work out in the end.

I've already started trimming the budget. The $84.84 cable bill is now $19.99 plus tax. I can only pic up ABC with my digital rabbit ears. I might try one more brand before I give up, I'd like to get PBS too. My first power bill for 20 days in the little house was $15. For some reason, I freeze at 70 in the big house but I'm very comfortable at 63 in the little one. I have the big house heat set high enough so nothing will freeze, so that will help quite a bit with that bill. I am trying to decide if I should turn off the water once I am 100% out. It is a minimum of $70 per month, I have to pay a premium to the city for sewer services. I'll get to cancel the $30 a month trash service next Wednesday after pick up.

Tomorrow I find out if I get paid for the time I am taking off of work. If I don't get paid, I will still take the month of Dec off under FLMA and just suck up the cost. Can you tell I'm just over money in general?

But anyway, back to the little house. The playroom is fantastic, Natalie can spend hours in there with all her toys. I've found all of the lost pieces and parts and put sets back together. Her bedroom only has clothes in it. I've set up the changing table for DD#2 and I've got all her cloth dipes organized. I have infant clothes in drawers, Natalie clothes hanging in the cabinet, all the clothes that are still too big hanging in the closet (what an impressive collection that is) and all the clothes 12 mon-24mon bagged in the bottom of the closet. My room is still a wreak but that is ok.

So I'm just plugging along. My to do list is a mile long and very overwhelming but I try to do a little bit everyday or it will just grow.

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K said...

You're doing it! That's what I tell myself each time I accomplish a big task.

I'm glad you are taking some time off. In "primitive" countries, one is cossetted for a year while they grieve the loss of a loved one and each friend who comes to visit, brings food.