Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yard Sale Weekend - wheee!

There are three main streets and side streets for these sales. We normally get there at 7:30 and end at 1 and have seen it all. Today we got there at 8 and left at 1 and only made it through half!

Everyone had a sale. Normally it is every 5 houses. It was more like every 3 houses this time. I guess everyone is selling things because of the economy. I also lost track of how many houses were for sale in this neighborhood. Normally there are 2. Now there are 30+. Yards that had been HGTV worthy in the last were all run down and weedy. All the annuals that were normally out just weren't there. I know of some people that have lost their jobs and had a change in lifestyle because of it, but this was the first neighborhood in my area that REALLY showed the turn. wow!

Ok, so on to the fun stuff :)

I SO wanted these pieces when they came out but they were $67 soo um no lol I paid $6.25 for all three pieces.

Gymbo pants, $2.25 and Gymbo mermaid top, 75 cents

Kohl's kitty top, $1.50, old navy tank, $1
Gymbo board shorts, new $2, funny tshirt of two girls talking on the phone (one gets a kitten), 50 cents

Old navy polo, 75 cents. Not sure of the brand demin shorts, 25 cents. (this is one of my favorite houses, she has twins that are 1 year older than Natalie, I always get their kid's stuff).

Gap pants, 50 cents. No name shorts, 25 cents

Minnie backpack, isn't she cute?
Corcs for me! yay! Real crocs too. Yes I know they are ugly, I'll refrain from wearing them to work and keep them as my fugly weekend shoes. 50 cents!

Seashell planter, $1. Kitten, priceless!

15 Disney hardback books in new condition. $6!

A new romper to resell and a 3piece pj set for now :), $1 each

A christmas outfit to resell (not this bright, my flash really made this look neon), $1

a lamaze catepillar to resell, $1. An umbrella, 50 cents! I always loose umbrellas. Plaid is not my favorite, but if it is clean and cheap I'll get it.

Gymbo pony top, $1

BIG breadbox, not the prettiest thing but very functional. $3.

Leap Frog musical caterpillar, she loves it. Plays 15 songs, $1.

My little oil painting for my bathroom, $1.

I didn't see a single piece of adult clothing in suitable selling condition today. I was hopeful to find something for me for our trip in TWO WEEKS (woot!).

bye for now!

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crunkyjens said...

Wow you got some great deals on your garage saling!! I love the picture of the kitty in the seashell planter, too cute! :) I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!