Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Natalie-isms :)

that I want to post so I'll never forget!

This morning:
  • Mama! U R beatiful! U SO CLEAN! (just out of the shower)
  • Ok I get up. My feet say it is OTAY! (she is a big fan of her feet)

This past week:
  • Mama, I stay in bed, my feet sleepy.
  • I'm going to DIsneyworld. I gone to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and all the triangles in the world!
  • Mama! U go too fast. Nanatee see special diamonds. You slow down, you get time out. (speeding through the golf course hee hee)
  • Mama! the car tickled my butt!!! (when we went over the rumble strips in the neighborhood I want to buy land in).
  • Look at the big fewwis wheel mama. It goes round and round. People scream. Too Loud!
  • U hair is mess, I fix it....no nanalee no fix it, it all yucky (the she pops me in the head!)
  • (after I put an elastic in my hair) Mama! You got hairbow? It Nanalees? Where'd u find it? Lemme see it (she doesn't trust me!).

  • THE LAKE! Hello lake! Mama kiss your lake! (I think she thinks there are two because we cross over it on a bridge). No Mama, not kiss nanalees lake, kiss MAMA'S lake! Bye bye lake! I see u this affernoon! Muwah!


Tasha said...

Hahaha! Oh that is too cute!

iamwright said...

Love it!