Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturday Update

I know this is weird, but I love to read about groceries on other people's blog. How much they paid for them, what type of stuff they buy and what they do with them. So..that being said, here are my groceries for the week lol

All this produce was $15, I am a much better farmers market shopper than my Mom! Check out the little white eggplant!

Wow Kim, what a healthy shopper you are! Hee hee not really, see below.

The ham, pringles, bread and bananas (that you can't see) are from a regular grocer. The rest is from the salvage place. It is a scratch and dent/surplus type place. They do have expired items, you have to be careful in what you get. My big score? 9 pounds of bacon for $6 lol It is thick cut and odd shapes but tasty! I also got soft scrub for $1.49 instead of three something. Oh and my fiber one bars for $1.39, I wonder why they were there? Good until 2010!

So I spent $45.09 for the week. I might send Dad out for more bread later in the week. We've mostly been eating tomatoes, we have maybe 10 left from last week that will be gone by the end of the weekend. I chop them up, sprinkle them with bacon and eat them like an inside out BLT..well BT :) But even with a bread run surely we can keep the week to $50 (since there are two fully stocked fridges here already!). I am trying to communicate to my dad that a deal isn't a deal if it gets thrown away. And that if too much of something is made, put the leftovers in the freezer. That is our biggest battle, well except for water on my counter tops. I swear I pull out the no wire coathangers voice when I see puddles of water. The water will seep under the laminate and cause it to swell - twitch - twitch.

I've found some great things for the baby in yard sales this weekend but I didn't take pictures (ya, I took pictures of a watermelon, but not my yard sale items). I got several items to resell so that makes me happy! I am going to be opening a second savings account just for cash I make in reselling things. I'd like to save it up for our next Disney trip in 3 years!

Have I mentioned we leave for Disney in 3 weeks :) 21 DAYS! WOOT! I am going to finish packing up the baby's clothes tonight. Because I constantly buy her stuff (hhmmm...why do I do that? lol) she has the 28 outfits she needs for Disney then enough to wear to daycare too. In my defense, most of the outfits are $5 or less and she'll be wearing some of it next year to :)

I ordered "wish" pearl cages from China a few days ago. In Epcot, in Japan, you can pay $17 to pick an oyster with a pearl in it. These cage just clamp around the pearl and you put it on a chain. I bought 70 of them, 7 of them are going on the trip but I hope to sell the others on Ebay. The profit on each is very small, but they are small to store and I can pack orders when the kiddo is asleep :)

Earlier in the week, Food City had shrimp for $1.50 a pound. I don't know if someone messed up the label machine or not, but I picked up 3 pounds. Well, they were preseasoned and a little tough and salty.

So I peeled them, rinsed them and ran them through my food processor. I added onion, green pepper, eggs and a box of corn muffin mix.


Are these officially shrimp fritters? If they have corn in them? They were tasty. I took the rest of the chopped up shrimp with onion and green pepper and froze it in 2 baches for soup later on.

Today Natalie visited her first ice cream truck. I swear I can hear his little song playing a mile away. Natalie was slowly waking from her nap and I yelled at her Natalie hurry ice cream! and scared the pee out of her. She can running out screaming, looking for fire I guess. We missed him on our street - poo! So I turn around to open the door (you can guess what is coming right?) LOCKED! So I go to my car and hit the garage door opener. The inside door was...LOCKED! So my last point of entry, the back deck was luckily open! (all this time Natalie is standing in the yard, looking at me like I'm a moron wondering where the ice cream is). Oh I need to metion I am wearing a tshirt, PJ bottoms and no shoes lol So I sprint through the house, get the keys, toss her in the front seat (which would of been treat enough) and catch him as he's drivng out of the neighborhood.

She got a sour popsicle as her first treat. It was huge and she gave me a bite. It was actually really good, next time Mama will get one too!

That is it for now - bye!

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crunkyjens said...

I am so impressed with all of the veggies you got!! And for $15! I have yet to find a really good Farmers market down here in Florida. We had a brillant one back in Michigan, but no such luck here yet. I spend a fortune at the grocery store for them, $15 would probably get me lettuce, strawberries, blueberries, and maybe watermelon if I'm lucky.

And your daughter is adorable!! I don't have any children, instead I have a dog. Whenever I go out, odds are I come back with something for her, usually a toy, since I don't do the whole dress up a doggy thing. :) It must be the motherly nature to spoil my little one!