Thursday, August 13, 2009

Like a Kid at Christmas!

It's sale time! It's sale time!

Yard sale heaven starts tomorrow! This is the sale that I buy a ton of stuff at. Check out last year's haul! (and just a little bit of trivia, this will be the 4th year I've blogged about it. I love my blog!) I hope to find clothes for myself, some things to help me organize our pantry shelf thing in the kitchen and books! Lots and lots of books! I can't stomach the price of new books so I simply don't buy them. I've not had anything to read in two months. Plus I hope to find some things to add to my consignment pile for mid Sept :)

I did a fun Walgreens run today! I picked up a prescription that I needed anyway and got a $25 check to use in the store. So I bought three Treseme (sp?) shampoos, 3 Listerine mouthwashes and a toothpaste. That came out to $25.17 so I happily paid 17 cents for all of that after my check.

THEN I took the 3 off of $15 that printed at the pharmacy, the $5 from Treseme, $6 from Listerine and $3 from Colgate to use on 3 packs of pullups and three pieces of candy. I also had $3.50 in manu coupons to use on the pull ups. In the end, $9something for all of it, paid with my acient WAG GC from the Easyaver rebates (which they've stopped doing - OOHH so sad). I can't wait for the next big deal, I have $15 left on that old card!

I have an itch. One to do something big and huge. You'd think buying a new house would of scratched that itch, but nope! I am leaning towards buying a piece of land to build a house on in 5 years or so. Also, I've found a condo in Myrtle beach that is uber cheap that I am trying to find people to go in on it with me. The land costs twice the amount as the condo sale (told you it was cheap!) and one, possibly both, are doable with a long enough loan. I think the main reason I have this itch (drum roll please), my stock account is rather healthy. It is back to 100%? Nope. But when I have $1700 week without any effort, I am optimistic I'll get it all back. AND my 401K? It is really close to being back too! Like 3K short now! Instead of 13K! So if the whole money thing will work itself out, I'd rather commit any extra cash to a big ticket item like land or a condo instead of buying sweaters or even a new car. Heck I'd eat PB sandwiches everyday if I was doing it while sitting on the beach!

Off to bed I go, we leave at 7am for my sales. I have money. LOTS AND LOTS of money to spend on it! Been saving it up! YAY! (I'm excited). Bye!


Eliza2006 said...

So exciting! Wish I lived a little closer...I'd love to come along!

Kim said...

I wish you lived closer too, we'd tear these sales up! lol
You actually wouldn't of made it past the first street, I've never seen so much cute baby boy stuff in my life!