Sunday, August 23, 2009

More SB Clothes :)

I'm so not winning any type of motherhood awards this morning. One, we had cinnamon toast for breakfast. Bread, butter, cinanmon, sugar. Ya, no nutrition in that lol

Then here I am, trying to catch up on stuff on my pc. And Natalie starts talking. I mean talking a million words a minute. Then I see this...

(got to love zoom)

Natalie, what are you doing? I drinkin like mama! BURP!

The whites came out of the laundry. I have a few more pieces that were missed that I'll add later. I told you it was a lot! :)

Here are some yard sale finds that I've just now got out of the laundry. This was all $1.75. The purse is adorable!

Bye for now!

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