Friday, December 19, 2008

Some Vacation Pictures

Ok, so my vacation was fine/ok. I spent a lot of time trying to make it better for Dad and the baby that I didn't leave myself enough time to enjoy it. I did laundry on my vacation. That should be enough explanation there right?

One thing I learned, I won't fly on vacation again. I don't like packing for it. I don't like the pressure in my ears that lasts for 2 days. I don't like relying on shuttles to get to my hotel. I don't like taking taxis at all (they give me the super duper heebie jeebies there is no way those suckers are clean). Since most of my vacations are some where in FL, I'll just drive.

I don't really want to get into the issues we had on the cruise but they were significant enough for me not to feel a bit bad about canceling everything (I'll totally admit it, I hadn't canceled them yet, I was going to work them into the budget somehow). I'll try again on our family group cruise in June 2010.

Oh and listen to my dummy moment. My pictures weren't coming out clear. I thought it was because I dropped my little camera. Hmm the lens was dirty. Kim = dummy. So 75% of my pictures have a big blurry spot!

Saturday - Leaving Ft Lauderdale

Sunday at Sea and Formal Night

(the best picture we've ever had together and the blob is over my face! ARG!)
Monday - at Sea and San Juan (see the other ship? they always travel together)
San Juan

Tuesday - Megan Bays (go to Sapphire Beach in St Thomas)

Wednesday - Long Bay Antigua (the best beach)

country church

Thursday - Tortola, Cane Garden Bay


Friday at Sea - no pictures (weird I know)
Saturday - Bahamas
(see the screaming, we had to go back on the ship, lost the entire day)

Sunday & Monday - Ft Lauderdale

Tuesday - Home!

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Carl said...

I know how you feel about flying ... I am considering driving to Key West from Connecticut in May to save the frustration,