Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Tree and Scooter's Christmas Pictures

We are running late in decorating this year because of the trip!

I've not had a tree since 1999, the last Christmas I spent with my ex in TX. I've never had a tree in the house, I didn't see a need to put up a tree for one person.

So last night we drug out my Dad's tree (which was his birthday present from me several years ago) and put on his ornaments and all the ones I had been buying for the past 8 years and hadn't used yet. I am still missing a big box of fancy ones but I have 50 more balls and a bunch of little gold leaves to hang on it still so I'll wait until next year. Hopefully next year we'll be in a house with a high ceiling and I can get a couple of tall skinny trees that I've always wanted.
Here she is! The tree is prelit and will twinkle, do waves of lights, burn in and out or just blink.

I like stars and snowflakes the best.

Natalie's hand ornament. Those are her fingers from the bottom of the ball, how cute is that?

And here are Natalie's Christmas pictures. She kept pointing at them going "meeee Natalie!"
We went back on Saturday. She wore the pink cashmere dress I bought years ago. It was a TJ Maxx dress (I think I might of bought it in Nashville in 2001?) that I stalked until it hit the clearance rack. Had a $75 tag on it, $40 TJ Maxx price, $10 Kim's patient it did go on clearance price. Woohooo! She also wore her pink pom pom boots. I pinned her bangs to the side, she was just stinkin cute all around.

Here is a small preview. I buy the package coupons for $12, that gave me 2 8X10s, 16 wallets, 2 5 X 7s and a calendar page. I got an extra 5X7 and 4 wallets of the 2nd and third pose. All her pictures were great except she had a stray hair right down the center of her eye in ALL of them but the first. ARG! lol I almost redressed and refluffed her to have them done again. My hopes are the 5X7 in the other two poses won't show the hair because they are smaller.

Bye for now!

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