Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Party and Chuck E Cheese

Today was Natalie's Christmas party at school, she ate a Happy Meal, exchanged an ornament and made crafts. I heard the big guy was there too and she was all for talking to him. Let's hope she asked him for a huge play kitchen, several sets of fake food, shoes and an Elmo vacuum :)

Tonight we went to Chuck E Cheese
I love Chuck E Cheese!

Dancing on the big screen.

Racing cars with Josh. Chelle was our token holder.
We has a good laugh over this. They take your picture and he was driving the princess toon car. I hid from my camera, I was the green dinosaur, it was big eyeballs on dark hair hehe

Giddy up!
(look at her from Feb 14th :)
teaching her how to cheat at skeeball

She was a big fan of this ride.Ready to go HOME!

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Beverly said...

great pics!