Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas & Christmas!

My parents have been divorced for like 20 years now, so that really stretches out every holiday. Christmas Eve is at my Mom's. Christmas morning is at my Dad's (ok my place too!). Lunch is at my maternal Grandparent's house then dinner is with my step family. Lots of food, lots of people, lots of loot!

I thought she did really well today considering her two small naps were in a car and were too short. She ate quite a bit and only got really whiny once. She is enthralled with the Elmo boom box my aunt got for her but she can't seem to get the concept that she sings in front of the microphone, she doesn't have to put it in her mouth (eeewwww). She sings parts of Elmo's World, I am pleased to report my kiddo isn't tone deaf and can carry a tune. She'll need that skill when she wins the Miss America pageant (ha!).

I totally cheated this year, and it is probably the last year I can do it. Kiddo's presents looked a little slim so I wrapped up her 4 pairs of summer shoes and a new pack of markers and added them to her stash. She can wear the crocs with her "fat" socks now, especially when it is going to be in the high 60's on Saturday (helloooo global warming!).

I did something smart. Since we are so limited on space, I took a big box and filled it with old toys to sell in the spring consignment sale. There are a bunch she never had interest in, and they were blocking her massive MegaBloks collection which she does like. Of course she got like 3 boxes of stuff, so I'll be on the lookout for ideas on how to store everything.

Here are pictures :)

First glimpse at all the toys!

I had to make her open presents. The big wheel was a BIG hit!

Monkey flashlight - it goes oooh oh oh ah ah ah! I've had this for her for 2 years now!
Ohhhh what is this?
With Grammie
Passing out gifts
With Grandpapa and one of my cousins!

Tomorrow I am driving past a house to check out the neighborhood before I look at it on the inside. Without going into to too much detail, I have enough for the downpayment without messing up my stocks and once the house sells I can have it paid off in about 4 years (no new car tho). It is a standard 70's split foyer for this area, actually it is on the big side at 2,480 SF. It is a little low on curb appeal but it has hardwood and an updated kitchen :) (update - the house was a foreclosure owned by countrywide. It is under contract pending financing so I have a very slim chance of even seeing the inside.)

That is it for now, Merry Christmas!

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Elisa ( FC Monsters) said...

Look like Natalie enjoyed Christmas and lots of great pressies too!