Friday, December 19, 2008

Budget Update

I write these types of posts mostly for myself to see what I was thinking at what point of the year compared to what I spent (does that make sense?)

Drum roll please..... I was just $97.75 off on my budget this month (remember mine is from the 15th to the 15th). And that was mostly from a clothing purchase for myself and lots of charitable giving here and there. We have several fundraisers at work for Christmas angels and it is very easy to lose $5 here and there. Darn that Christmas spirit lol!

This month will be different I think. No last minute runs to the store to pick up things for the trip. In fact, I get to return several items that didn't make it into the luggage to put another $40 or so back on last month. Dad and I are on diets and I think he'll let me buy the groceries for awhile (I buy a week's worth of food at a time and stockpile 3-5 things extra. Dad buys the same 20 items in bulk every month and we end up overrun with the same stuff. My shopping is less boring!). My hopes are to keep it at $250 a month. That is down from I don't know, like $500 there for awhile (my Dad likes steak and it is expensive).

And gas...let's pause for a minute and give a big woohoo! I paid $1.65 for high octane gas today. I fill up every 2 weeks and 3-4 fill ups ago I paid about $4 a gallon. My fill up was $18ish today! I anticipate being under on my gas budget this month because of price and the fast I have 5 more days off from work (another wooohoo please!).

We also don't need anything this month. I know that sounds weird, but we just don't. I got the clothes I needed at a steal. Scooter pie is already set for winter, spring and summer clothes and shoes. I have more Christmas presents than what one child can need or use so I think I am going to save some of them for her birthday in Feb. Hopefully I'll get the few organizing type things I need for Christmas. So really, we are set!

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