Sunday, December 21, 2008

Deal Time

I thought these deals were worthy of a post. I got the shirts with built in undies for $2.99 each at Ross in Ft Lauderdale.
(the pink one is pink and peach, my camera took a funny picture)

These jeans and black knit pants for next winter were from JC Pennys. They were half off, then an extra 20% off then I had a coupon.

I got all four items for under $9 total :) With just a couple of solid tshirts I should be done with all of her spring/summer clothes.

Then remember how excited she was about the knock off crocs that were really too much @ $15?? Look at what I bought a few days ago. They are on clearance, with a 20% code, free shipping and no tax, just $11.99 and they are way cuter (and real crocs). I must learn to say no to my kiddo when it comes to shoes!

They are the size I think she'll wear in August/Sept when we head to Disney. I have been 100% on guessing her shoe size in advance :)

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Elisa ( FC Monsters) said...

Cute crocs, gosh you are so good at finding all the best deals!