Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Update

I have pictures from Tuesday and from today :) Tuesday we were at a putt putt place as part of employee appreciation week. We sat under the shade in 90 degree weather and just roasted. Yuck! We also ate fish at Captain D's. The baby was all over the beans instead of the fish - I give up!
The course

Listening to her little jukebox.
We only made it to the second hole lol

She didn't get the "hit the ball with the club" concept.
Loved the little golf balls tho.
She licked the box of girl scout cookies so I had to buy them!

She's dangerous with that thing!

Flexing her muscles at dinner, it is really funny! I want to get it on video soon!

Today when I picked her up, she got hold of a blue marker and did a mark from her mouth to her ear lol She also did both arms and half her shirt. Luckily it is washable on her clothes but I can't seem to get it off her skin - oops!

Bye for now!

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