Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Update...

We are going to combine households and Natalie are moving into my Dad's condo. My house is going to be decluttered and sold. I am tired of living so far away from everything in the crappy area of town. Work is less than 10 minutes away from here too. Plus the condo is only 4 years old and has a pool. It wins!

Natalie and I will be sharing a room for awhile. That is really ok with me because it is about the size of our two rooms now combined. We have a walk in closet that is about 12 X 5 and our bath is 15 X 10. So we really do have a lot of space and I think it will work ok. And you know what? If I can't fit our stuff into the new space then we have too much stuff, simple as that. Eventually I'll buy a larger house on or around the street I grew up on. Actually a great house is for sale now but the timing stinks.

Natalie starts a new daycare on Monday. I've never been thrilled with her daycare and after today's tour of one next to work, I know she wasn't in the best place she could be. Her new daycare has lots of light, natural and artificial (the other was too dark), the playground is better and the room is suited better for little kids. I feel good about the move, plus there are 2 teachers for 6 kids and one is a early education teacher. It is $20 more per week and I have to pack a lunch, but I feel like it is higher quality care.

God Bless Cramer and his Mad Money show. He recommend Carnival and it went through the roof. Went up about $12 in 4 days and I was able to sell all my stock and make over a dollar on each share and I had a LOT of shares. I'll be able to flip Carnival around a bit to make up for two bad stocks I have (which I'll wait to sell, use them as a tax balancer).

I got my first paycheck with (use my email neatokimmo if you decide to do it please). It was for $246 woohoo! Once things settle down here I plan to start back. I was easily making $75 a week just working here and there at night. Its nice to know that as things like stocks and everyday prices are iffy, that there are ways to make extra money to balance it all out!

Ok that is it for now - bye!


Angie said...

Kim - I am so sorry about your loss. I have been praying for you and your family. But on the flip side, I am so happy that this new living situation has come about. Lots of changes coming your way! Praying you through the transitions.

Doreen said...

Actually, this will be an excellent opportunity for Natalie to REALLY know her grandfather and for you to enjoy your father. It's a wonderful arrangement!