Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Update and Bargain Alert

In certain stores like Kroger and Food City, there are tear off pads near the wheat thins that are buy three of these participating brands and get either wheat thins, kraft salad dressing, crystal light or hot dogs for free.

That really doesn't sound like a great deal until you see the Koolaid logo on the back of the coupon. Yup, you can buy three envelopes of Koolaid and get your other stuff for free.

So on Saturday I bought..
40 packs of Koolaid for $8
7 boxes of wheat thins - free!
3 packs of hot dogs - free!
3 salad dressings - free!

The reason I love this deal is, one, it is cheap! Plus we are eating a lot of non meat meals that involve beans. The baby loves to dip stuff, so I can take a batch of red lentils and rice on a ride in the food processor, give the baby some wheat thins and cooked carrots and she is in baby heaven.

Also through my selective diet these past couple of weeks, I have determined I have a tea allergy. It makes me nauseous. I wondered if it wasn't the sugar in it but I put half of what most people do. I switched to koolaid (LOVE this stuff, not as much as freezie pops but I do like it!) with the same sugar ratio and I have zero illness. In fact with the Koolaid I was able to wean myself down to 1/4 cup per pitcher and not miss it.

I've not drank crystal light a lot, but I am sure its fine and a good diet coke substitute.

And who doesn't love a nice greasy hot dog every so often? You can spend up to $4.50 on the dogs I think, I got the all beef ones. It will take us months to go through three packs.

And with the salad dressing bit, I am eating salads! woohoo! That is a big flippin deal considering for several years I've broken out in hives from lettuce. I discovered one store with one kind of lettuce does not make me sick. I break it into little bits and shake it around in a ziploc baggie with baking soda and tada! No spots! So I need salad dressing :)

I plan to go back and stock up this week, the coupons are good until August and I snagged a few extra. I think it is interesting, I found the deal a week ago and bought just a few wheat thins and put the extra coupons on the shelf (they are in order on one tear pad). Did you know a whole week later, every single one of those hot dog, crystal light and salad dressing coupons were still on the shelf where I left them? The just put new boxes around them. Hello? Surely I'm not the only one has the deal figured out? Well at least you all know now, go...get processed food for cheap!

So really with the new diet I feel a ton better. I am down to two cans of coke (24 ounces) compared to 3 bottles (60 ounces). I am drinking one cup of coffee a day, with a max of two. I was up to 6 cups. We still eat fish and a little bit of chicken and beef, but mostly we are eating beans and eggs for our protein source. Natalie cleans her plate and sometimes licks the tray so I know she likes it too!

sweet chubby cheeks
Eating lentils and rice and drinking green koolaid in her baba. I've created a monster, green baba only appears once a day, she loves it and would drink it all day.

She loves to mess with the TV and carry her purse and bo around. Let this be a warning to the new moms out there. Do not introduce a stuffed animal unless you can produce a backup. Bo was a yardsale bear and now I'm screwed because I can't find another bo. The day bo is finally loved to pieces will be a very sad day for her. And look how long her hair is :) In the back I can pull it into a teeny pony tail :)

We leave for Disney on August 27, 2009. So much to plan, so little time! (I'm only have joking!) Anyone want to go with us? I am working on scooter's blog for the trip it is a mess now put will be much better once I start put trip tips on it.

Bye for now!

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