Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th - again :)

Natalie is a stinker a lot of times. She got into the habit of whining when she wanted something. I know its just because she lacks verbal skills but it still makes me want to grind my teeth!

So with the chicken pox vaccine (not taking any more chances!) and her teething, she ran a fever today. But the little angel sucked down her tylenol without any fuss. She was cute, she was snuggly and she didn't hit the cat once! Her spots have "dried up" it is allergy related. I am going to have to get brand names of the food next week so I can try to figure out what it is. Here at home we are starting a new food thing to help identify her allergies and my own but I'll post about that later!

I decided at 9:15 to go to the fireworks at 9:50. I can see a lot of it from my front porch but I decided to go to a shopping center a couple of miles from the site to avoid all the people (plus I wasn't "I'm going into town pretty enough"). I took the baby in her PJs, she was so cute!

I took this just because I thought she looked cute with her bed head :) And yes, she eats that many grapes plus 2 scrambled eggs and sometimes a piece of toast. All with milk. And she only weighs 22 pounds!

All those toys...and she is playing in my $3 dishpan that I took to China and $2 of balls from a yard sale - sigh
Hey! Where'd that bubble go??

See, I told you, snuggly! This is hippo or puppup bobo (not to be confused with pink bear who is THE bobo..she calls for it- very cute!)

Grandparents and sleepy baby!
Dad and Natalie, she is standing in the bed of his truck.

Poo, that Super 8 sign is new, they just remodeled it. I will have to find a new shopping center!

They were nicer than this but this is the only picture I could get. Stinky stinky broken camera!

Night night! I'm off to ChaCha!

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Beverly said...

She is just so cute.