Saturday, July 12, 2008

Parade Pictures!

Stinkbutt wasn't impressed with the parade. I was so excited, I thought my cute lovable kid would charm everyone and be really cute. She acted more like a teenager who thought the whole thing was stupid. If she could talk, she would of said "can we go home now? what about now? surely now?
really bored

sighcan we got home now?


Eliza2006 said...

Just wait until next year...she will be saying she wants to go home!


iamwright said...

Kim, she is so adorable!! Where on Earth did you get Citigroup bows? That made for the perfect outfit!

Kim said...

That ribbon is from the 5 year anniversary plaques, the ones from 2-3 years ago :) I had to go through 2 different departments to find enough to make them :)

Doreen said...

Excuse me, but it had nothing to do with her!!! Frankly, I don't blame the girl! No presents....hmmmmmph! :-)
But, she did look stylish, as always and that's gotta count!

Doreen in Montreal

iamwright said...

You crack me up...that's just too crafty for me. I would have never even thought of that. Love it.. absolutely love it.

Beverly said...

What a cutie even bored!