Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th :)

Ok here is our week condensed to just a few sentences!

Monday - lunch - yum - oh wait - not yum - I might heave..and heave and heave. Baby has 3 spots on her shoulder.
Tuesday - can't stand up or I'll heave more. Baby has 15 spots! Goes to the doc, not chicken pox, say maybe bug bites. Really?
Wednesday - I'm like the walking dead. No new spots on baby!
Thursday - I'm normal hooray! Baby breaks out in spots right before my eyes. Def not bugs, allergies! Hooray! Not!
Friday - PJ day. It rained so no parade for us. She won't make it until 9:30 for the fireworks.

Still working ChaCha. If you want to earn some extra $$ too, go to and please use my email (neatokimmo in the referral box. That will put us on the same team :) I am up to $150, I am trucking along at my $75 a week goal. Today is the start of week three, I hope I can keep it up because I have a new 30 month money plan and the $9800 I'll earn from ChaCha is part of that.

I am trying to think of anything else. June budget came in at just $8 over - yay me! I am working the cost of the new table into the budget over the next 12 months (I know, I'm weird). This month I want to be way under just to show myself I don't have to constantly buy "stuff".

Joined a challenge on DisBoards to keep on my grocery budget of $160 for the month. Doing well so far, $38ish spent and we have a house full of food!

Hmm I guess that is it for now, I'll post more later. Buh Bye!

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chinamom said...

OK Kim - I submitted the Chacha application... I hope you have lots of words of wisdom for me! LOL

Glad you are feeling better- is Natalie doing ok?

jeannine and sophie